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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Car Insurance

Are you looking for a type of personal insurance, could this be car insurance. We offer a range of policies for car. The options are comprehensive, third party or third-party, fire and theft. Why not get in contact today and request a quotation.

Visual image of a Car to show Car Insurance
Image of house to signify Home Insurance

Home Insurance - Personal Insurance

Do you have the correct protection for your home? Whether this is buildings insurance that will protect the structure of your building against costs. For example damage to the structure from storms. Or whether this is contents insurance that can protect you against costs to the damage of furniture, jewellery, etc inside your house.

Pet Insurance

You may have a pet that you may want to insure. Whether this be a dog or a cat or any other pet. This could protect you against the possible costs of vet bills, or costs if you was unable to look after your pet. A pet policy will help you to cope with high pet bills while also keeping your pets safe. However the older your pet the more the insurance policy will be.

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Campervan Insurance

Do you own a campervan? Why not take out a policy to cover your home from home. You may want to travel in your campervan for a holiday. However you want to make sure you are covered. It is a legal requirement to have insurance when driving on the road.

Motorbike Insurance

Do you own a motorbike? You will require a motorbike policy to cover you legally for travel on the road. Similar to car you can choose from a variety of policies. Whether this be comprehensive, third party or third-party, fire and theft. Why not get in contact today and request a quote.

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A picture of a motorhome, to advertise Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome Insurance

Do you own a motorhome? You may want to take out a motorhome insurance policy to protect your motorhome. A motorhome is a vehicle that provides transport and also contains a living area. Motorhomes come in different sizes, however we have cover for a variety of sizes. Why not get in contact today and request a quote.

Caravan Insurance

Why not take out personal insurance on your caravan. Protect yourself against the possible costs of your caravan. Your caravan may suffer internal or external damage. For example a flood inside your caravan. Or externally, your caravan may be in an accident.

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image to represent American Car Insurance

American Car Insurance

You may require a specialist policy if you own an American Car. You may have a Ford Mustang, Lincoln Continental or a Pink Cadillac. This type of insurance policy would be more expensive due to parts which require importing from the US. In other words the costs of importing the goods would be more than collecting parts from the UK. Indeed leading to higher costs.

American Classic Insurance

There’s a large range of classic American cars that are eligible for classic car insurance. You may have an imported car or one that has been converted to left hand drive. No matter what your requirements, give us a call and we will be able to advise.

Image of American Classic to show American Classic Insurance
Image to represent Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance is a personal insurance policy that is here to protect your vintage and collectable vehicles. Your car is usually deemed a classic if it is over 15 years old and over £15,000 in value. Indeed you should check this with us to make sure. Nevertheless if not we will find the best policy to suit you.

Gadget Insurance

We all have handheld gadget devices. These are subject to possible damage, theft and loss though. This could be for example, a laptop, mobile or a digital camera. Are you accident prone or forgetful? This could be the perfect policy for you to protect your gadgets. Some devices are expensive. An insurance policy can help you cover the costs if damage occurs.

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Image to represent Modified 4x4 Insurance

Modified 4x4 Insurance

Modified 4×4 Insurance can protect your 4×4 vehicles. This covers a variety of vehicles, whether this be an off road vehicle or a green laning. You could put your modified 4×4 on a multi-vehicle policy. In other words you have more vehicles on the same insurance policy. Whether you have a van, car and a modified 4×4. We are here to provide the best possible policy for you.

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