Public Liability Insurance

A policy to cover your public liability needs

Public Liability Insurance to suit you

Public liability insurance is a policy designed to protect your business against claims. For instance, you or your staff could damage someone else’s property. This policy can protect you against the legal costs or compensation that you may need to pay.

Any business can take out this insurance regardless of type or size. For example sole traders, self employed or freelance.

You do not legally need to take this policy out. However, if your business interacts with the public it will be of benefit to you.

What Does Public Liability Insurance cover?

If anyone visits your business, this policy could cover you against possible losses you may incur. For Example:

  • Damage to Property – If you or someone you employee causes damage on the premises of a customer. You may be liable!
  • Compensation Claims – If someone is injured in your then you could be liable. Taking out this policy will cover the compensation that your business owes.
  • Medical Costs – You and your business may be liable if someone suffers injury or illness, as a result of malpractice.
  • Injury or Death – If someone dies on your property where your business is situated. Compensation could be due if it is found the cause was from work you carried out.

What Professions should Require this Policy?

  • Builders – If you are a builder and working on a construction site, you could cause damage to property. Alternatively, you may injure someone as a result of your work.
  • Plumber – If you do not complete this work to a high standard. This could lead to water damage, for instance not fitting a pipe correctly. As a result, leading to you owing compensation.
  • Painters – If you are a painter, there is the possibility that you could spill paint and cause damage. For instance, damage to furniture or carpet.
  • Pubs/Clubs – If your pub or club has a customer that suffers injury. Compensation may be due.
  • Electrician- If you are an Electrician, faulty electrics can lead to fire damage. Therefore leading to expensive claims.
  • Others – There are many people in addition to those stated above that could use type of policy. Why not get in contact and ask one of our team? Thus helping to meet your insurance needs.

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Public Liability Insurance
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