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Commercial Property Insurance protects your company’s physical assets from unexpected events such as fire, floods, theft, and vandalism.

Are you are the owner of the building in which you operate the business from? Or are you renting the premises? .  Above all, you want to look after your investment by protecting the bricks and mortar of the building.

What type of property insurance do you need?

When you take out property insurance, there are two types you can get. Firstly, buildings insurance. Secondly, contents insurance.

When taking out a buildings policy, this will cover certain aspects of the property. For Example:

  • Burst Pipes – if you were to suffer a leak on the property, this could cause damage to your building.
  • Flooding – similarly to burst pipes with mass amounts of water in your property.
  • Fire – damage has be done to your property, whether this is from faulty equipment or other causes.
  • Storms – weather conditions can cause problems for your building. For instance, a heavy storm may hit and cause damage to the structure of the building.
  • Theft – for instance, you could be subject to loss of property by thieves.


The other type of insurance that falls under your property policy is contents insurance. For example, this could be desks, chairs or stationary equipment. In addition, this could include computers and laptops. However if you are not the owner of the business, the contents insurance would be your tenants responsibility.

Depending on the building type, you may have fixtures and fittings which do not belong to the building. However, these can still be protected even though they are not classed as stock either.

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We offer a full range of commercial and personal insurance services specifically designed to give our clients peace of mind. Our staff have the experience and the up-to-date facilities to enable us to search through the many insurance schemes on offer to find the best possible quotation to meet your insurance requirements.

We consider ourselves helpful and efficient and we strive to give the best service possible. It is our aim to provide our clients with the best insurance solutions.

Property Insurance
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