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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Take out the best policy for your pet.

Complete Protection for your Pet

Pet Insurance can help to protect you against the costs your pet may incur. This may be through accident, injury or illness. If you take out this type of policy, this could put your mind at rest. Above all, your pet will receive the care it needs.
Your policy can vary depending on the requirements of your your pet. For example:

  • Protection if your pet may become ill and there may be vet bills to pay.
  • Third Party. If your pet injured someone else or causes an accident.
  • Fees to board. Your pet may require to stay elsewhere. In other words, you are unable to look after them.
  • You may lose your pet and spend money to advertise on finding them.

Why do I need pet insurance?

You may wish to look into this type of policy for your pet. For example, if your pet is involved in an accident, this policy is designed to help you cover vet costs. In other words this could save you money. Without this policy you would have to pay the bills out of your own pocket. Generally this could be a few hundred pounds.

What insurance should you pick?

You may consider which type of insurance is best for your pet. However there are many factors you may consider. For instance, how much you would be willing to pay? How old is your pet? Is your pet already ill?

Different Types

  • You Could take out an Accident only pet insurance policy. In other words, this would cover your pet against an accident. However it wouldn’t cover against long term illness.
  • Another policy you may wish to consider is a Time limited pet insurance policy. This would be a shorter term deal for yourself. However this covers injury and illness.
  • The most complete policy you may consider is a Lifetime pet insurance policy. To summarise, it covers accident and illness for the life of the policy. However, this is up to a certain amount each year.


How much should I spend on Pet Insurance?
This depends on the age of your pet and how prone your pet is to illness. It is also determined by how much you are able to pay.
What details do I need to provide to get a quote?
Your pet’s age
The breed or size of your pet
Health of your pet (and if it has been neutered)
Medical history

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